Book of Mark

“I would never…” (Mark 14:26-31) #BibleStudy

Pray Lord, your closest friends and disciples believed they would never deny you, yet they did. May I never be deceived into thinking I am above the weaknesses and arrogance of another believer, but rather may I be driven by a hunger for your word, and may I be held fast by the firm grip… Continue reading “I would never…” (Mark 14:26-31) #BibleStudy

Devotionals by Other People

Guest Post: “Let Them Know” #BibleStudy

Below is the second guest post by Evangeline Rose Whitlock. I am so grateful for her camaraderie on this journey! – Christy PRAY: Lord I come to you today feeling grateful for your love, blessed by your mercy and your goodness, and overwhelmed by your grace. Thank you for pouring out your spirit and your love upon… Continue reading Guest Post: “Let Them Know” #BibleStudy

Book of John · Devotionals by Other People

Guest Post: “Don’t wait! Go do it! The fields are ready!”

Readers and fellow pilgrims on this spiritual journey, I am delighted today to share a guest post from a member of our “Coffee Stains on my Bible” community, Evangeline Rose Whitlock. Evangeline is a professional stage manager, and we met in NYC a few years back. I am grateful for her friendship and encouragement, particularly… Continue reading Guest Post: “Don’t wait! Go do it! The fields are ready!”