Devotionals by Other People

Guest Post: “Let Them Know” #BibleStudy

Below is the second guest post by Evangeline Rose Whitlock. I am so grateful for her camaraderie on this journey! – Christy


Lord I come to you today feeling grateful for your love, blessed by your mercy and your
goodness, and overwhelmed by your grace. Thank you for pouring out your spirit and
your love upon me. As I grab but a moment to spend time in prayer and in your word,
I ask that you would reveal to me your will – open my mind and my heart – to receive
whatever you have in store for me today!


Just one short verse today!

Daniel 3:22

Let them know that thou art the Lord – the only God, glorious over the whole world.


When Christy throws down the gauntlet, she throws down the gauntlet! And always
over social media it seems, where everything is completely public to everyone! A couple
weeks ago I posted a status about a major project I’m working on for my department:
“this handbook won’t write itself.” Christy commented, “Neither will that second coffee
stains post.”

So here we are again.

While Christy works through her scripture very systematically, I often like to open my
Bible randomly – especially when I’m in a state of multiple projects and lots of travel as
I am now. Hence why last month’s post was from John and this one goes back to the Old

Christy talks a lot about seasons in our lives. It’s a description I’ve adopted into my own
lexicon. Right now I’m in a season of new ventures. I’m embarking on 5 months of
coast-to-coast travel and projects – NY to LA to NY with a quick stop in a couple flyover
states to see my family. When I opened my Bible for meditation and inspiration (you
got it – on another plane), this short verse caught my eye. It was starred and underlined

I thought about this verse in light of all the new people I’m going to encounter this
summer. I will interact with new people from all walks of life on a daily basis. How will
I be their leader, manager, and friend? Most importantly, how will I be the light of Christ
to all of them? How will I let them know that thou art God?

For those of you who need a quick brush up on your Bible stories, this is one of my
favorites! This verse is part of the canticle of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as they
stood unscathed in the fiery furnace that King Nebuchadnezzar had cast them into. They had refused to bow down to his golden idol. When confronted with their choice, the boys had such strong faith that God would deliver them – and knew that even if he didn’t choose to do so, they would still serve and honor him (Daniel 3:17-18). The story goes on to say that King N was “astonished” (v. 24). He had them pulled out of the furnace and went on to say, “Blessed be the God of S, M, and A…” (v. 28). Now…it still took our crazy king a while to really come around. First he had to go live in the wild for a few years and eat grass and grow “hair as long as eagles feathers and nails like bird claws” (v. 33). But eventually – everything that Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego showed him through their lives sunk in and got through. He finishes his life out with his own canticle: “Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol and honor the king of heaven.”

Pretty amazing story right? This is the God who governs our lives and rules over all – the
same God who waits for us in the morning silence with a good strong cup of coffee and
welcomes into his quiet living room every evening. And who is there beside us for every
other moment in between.

We’re faced with choices every day, often by people in positions of power who could
seriously change the course of our lives if we don’t go along with what they say. The
boys knew their potential fate when they refused to worship something and someone who
was not God.

What was it God said that if we deny him on earth he will deny us before his Father in
heaven? (Matthew 10:32-33)

Back to my original verse, the one with the underlines and stars akin to coffee stains. Let
them know that thou art Lord, the only God, glorious over the whole world.

As I travel the world over and meet about a few hundred new people this summer, I
want to remember that God is in control. I want to stand firm in my faith and tell others
through my life that God is the only God. He is Lord. I will live my life and do his work
with integrity and joy. Whether he chooses to deliver me from my enemies or allow me
to be cast in the fiery furnace of life, I will still serve and honor him.


Where is your summer taking you? Do you have a lot of travel planned? Or do you plan
to relax on the porch every evening with a glass of sweet tea? Maybe you feel like your
summer doesn’t change much; that the season of your life always stays the same and
you’re trying to find a way out of the rut.

Whatever you are going to do (or not do!) how will you let them know that “thou art the


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