#006 [PODCAST] When Others Are Just Waiting for You to Trip Up (Mark 3:1-6)

Have you ever felt like someone was just waiting for you to trip up? Jesus went about his ministry knowing that there were people—who were supposed to be on his team (as religious leaders of the day)—who wanted him to make a mistake so that they could accuse him of sinning. What can we learn from… Continue reading #006 [PODCAST] When Others Are Just Waiting for You to Trip Up (Mark 3:1-6)


#005 [PODCAST] Why Did “Sinners” Love Jesus? (Mark 2:13-28)

This is a repost from last week—I neglected to include the audio file! My apologies! – CTK As Jesus showed, beautiful things can happen when heaven and earth collide around a good meal. For years, I’ve found it remarkable that Jesus, the holy one, the righteous one, the Son of God, was also called the… Continue reading #005 [PODCAST] Why Did “Sinners” Love Jesus? (Mark 2:13-28)


#004 [PODCAST]: When My Strength Fails (Mark 2:1-17)

During his years of ministry, Jesus poured out so much of himself on behalf of others. How did he do it? What can we learn from his example as we feel our own reserves running low? In today’s episode, I’ll share some thoughts prompted by Mark 2:1-17. Click here to read the full text of this episode.… Continue reading #004 [PODCAST]: When My Strength Fails (Mark 2:1-17)


#003 [PODCAST]: Timing Is Everything (Mark 1:29-45)

In today’s episode, we’re looking at Mark 1:29-45, where we’ll consider how the phrase “timing is everything” applied to Jesus’s ministry. Click here to read the full text of this episode. Click here to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

Devotionals by Other People

Hope For Life’s “Certain Uncertainties”—Jeremiah 29:11 #BibleStudy

Today’s post is another gem written by friend and guest blogger Evangeline Rose Whitlock, a professional stage manager and visiting professor in Baylor University’s theatre department. I’m delighted to share this journey with her, grateful for her contribution, and pleased to offer her encouraging insights with you today. – Christy Pray Lord, thank you for… Continue reading Hope For Life’s “Certain Uncertainties”—Jeremiah 29:11 #BibleStudy