#001 [PODCAST]: The Story Behind the Name

Friends, I’m delighted to share the first episode of the new Coffee Stains on my Bible podcast. I’ve been thinking of starting a podcast to accompany this site for some time now, to make it even easier for folks to access the devotionals on-the-go. Also, some people just prefer to listen to a podcast rather than reading a blog post. I hope that you will soon be able to subscribe via iTunes, but that takes a bit of time to get rolling. Meanwhile, you can listen to episode one here, where I share the backstory of why I started writing this blog and why I named it “Coffee Stains on my Bible.” Enjoy, and please leave comments below if you have any feedback whatsoever—positive or negative! I want this to serve you, and your feedback will help me do that better.

Click here to read the text of this episode.

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2 thoughts on “#001 [PODCAST]: The Story Behind the Name

  1. Thanks so much, Amanda! I know you have taken your Bible on quite an amazing journey this past year, too. Would love to hear about some of the places you’ve read your Bible!!

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