#005 [PODCAST] Why Did “Sinners” Love Jesus? (Mark 2:13-28)

This is a repost from last week—I neglected to include the audio file! My apologies! – CTK

As Jesus showed, beautiful things can happen when heaven and earth collide around a good meal.

For years, I’ve found it remarkable that Jesus, the holy one, the righteous one, the Son of God, was also called the “Friend of Sinners.” I’ve been deeply moved by the fact that Jesus loved sinful human beings like me. But in today’s podcast episode, I’m taking a different approach to the “Friend of Sinners,” asking not, “Why did Jesus love sinners?” but rather, “Why did sinners love Jesus?”

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Me at a late-night dinner party in Bangalore, India, 2012.
Me at a late-night dinner party in Bangalore, India, 2012.

2 thoughts on “#005 [PODCAST] Why Did “Sinners” Love Jesus? (Mark 2:13-28)

  1. Hey! I love your podcast and blog.. I loved this episode because it is a topic that I feel very strong about. Sometimes we brush people off just because they haven’t began a relationship with God ” yet “. I believe that God pursues us all and that slowly but surely even when we least expect it, those who are hesitant to the truth will open their hearts. I love sinners because I am a Big one.. take care and keep up the devotions, i truly enjoy them. God Bless you!!!

    1. Hey there! Thanks so much for listening and taking the time to write and encourage me. I’m a Big One too. Good to know we’re not alone in this journey and that we can spur one another on toward love and good works, while giving each other grace to grow. Bless you!

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