Fifty-two Weeks of Wisdom

2016: Fifty-two Weeks of Wisdom

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. (James 1:5)

Friends! I’m back!

If you have subscribed to this blog, you might have noticed that I seem to have gone missing. I explained here why that is.

It’s been an incredible (almost) two years since my husband and I became parents. In January 2014, we became foster parents of a brother and sister who were, at the time, five years old and five months old. After they were our foster children for twenty months, we were able to adopt them in September of this year. Amazing joy! We are so excited to be their forever parents.

Meanwhile, in January of 2015, we got a phone call that led to us become foster parents of a newborn baby as well! After spending six weeks visiting him every day in the NICU, we were able to bring him home on Valentine’s Day. Suddenly, in the course of 364 days, we became a family of five, and life got even crazier, even more interesting, even harder, and even more fun.

Throughout the past two years, time and again, God’s word has been the cleat I’ve tied my boat to. I’ve read the Bible periodically, but mostly I have reflected on passages that were stored up in my heart from over three decades of Bible curiosity. Those passages became the nourishment that sustained my faith during some of the hardest times and the lens through which I’ve gained perspective on some of the most confounding circumstances I’ve faced.

Many things about becoming a mom have surprised me. For example, I have discovered that my capacity to love is greater than I ever imagined. I have love for these children that I simply could not know until they were here—I know I would lay down my life for each of them, and I would feel joy in doing it. I have discovered that I enjoy small children much more than I expected—I am completely fascinated by watching them grow and develop. I burst with pride when my eldest son’s eyes flicker with fresh comprehension or my daughter learns a new word or my baby boy develops a new skill (He’s standing! He’s crawling! He just said “cat!”) And I have discovered that the work of being a full-time homemaker is much more gratifying than I thought. My years as an executive assistant in the C-suite did more to prepare me for this role than anything I’ve done (besides my years on stage as a professional actor!)—apparently toddlers and executives are more alike than I knew.

Becoming a mother has also exposed sin I never knew was in there. I am more selfish than I thought. I have a deeper capacity for anger than I care to admit. I have yelled more in the past two years than I had in the entire previous thirty-eight (and that includes my teenage years). And I frequently turn to carnal things to fill my empty cup—food and drink, TV-binging, Trivia Crack, staying up way too late “puttering”—rather than turning to God.

It’s time for me to clean house.

Recently, I was invited to consider some goals for the year ahead, and after two days (and sleepless nights) of pondering, I landed on at least one of my goals for 2016:

I want to grow in wisdom.

From relationships to driving habits… from finances to time-management… from the words we use to the company we keep… from what we watch to what we put into our bodies… seeking wisdom in all things will help us flourish.

Jesus himself is Wisdom in human form, according to scripture. As we prepare to celebrate Wisdom’s birth, I’d love to invite you in to my journey in the pursuit of Wisdom.

Starting in January, on Monday of each week, I’ll share a verse or passage of scripture that deals specifically with gaining wisdom, along with a short reflection and application of the passage for daily life.

I’d love for you to join me.

For those of you who have followed my Mark studies, the format will be the same. If you would like to share your own thoughts on the passages, you’ll be invited and encouraged to do so via the comments section.

If reading the Bible more consistently is one of your goals for the new year, this could be a helpful too!

All you have to do is subscribe to this blog (if you haven’t already), and each week the meditation on wisdom will arrive in your inbox.

Here’s to Wisdom. May we all be changed by its Presence and Power as it forms us in 2016.


8 thoughts on “2016: Fifty-two Weeks of Wisdom

  1. Thanks so much for this post, and congratulations on being a mom! I always find your posts and reflections so encouraging (as a mom myself), and I look forward to the series on wisdom.

  2. Christy – your timing of this journey is perfect… through His perfect will! I have drifted away from studying my Bible lately, and have lost my sense of Joy. Your announcement of this study is one of many “nudges” from the Holy Spirit to get back into His Word. I can’t wait to see where he takes us over the next 52 weeks!

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