Fifty-two Weeks of Wisdom

When It Comes to Advice, Choose Your Friends Wisely

So how do we cultivate a lifestyle marked by humble openness to good advice? I would like to suggest that we benefit tremendously from having the following types of people in our lives. These are people who know us, love us, and care about our well-being. Sometimes they come to us, and sometimes we need to seek them out. But by surrounding ourselves by these “sharpening people” and inviting them to speak regularly into our lives, we will cultivate the wise practice of seeking and following good advice.

Fifty-two Weeks of Wisdom

Twelve Weeks of Wisdom

Today starts our twelfth week of meditating on what the Bible tells us about wisdom. (Yes, that means that we are twelve weeks into 2016! What?!) Below are, in order from January 4 through last Monday, the passages we reflected on together. Let’s take time this week to meditate on them, invite the Holy Spirit to illuminate our mind as we think and ponder and consider how we might conform our lives more toward these passages.

Fifty-two Weeks of Wisdom

Something to Think About

  This week’s meditation is nearly finished, but I am not quite finished writing it yet. It should be in your inbox tomorrow, though! Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to give you just the text I’ll be exploring and invite you to think through it before I share my reflection. Have a look… Continue reading Something to Think About