A Morning Meditation

This morning meditation is meant to help set an intention for your day and give you a phrase to come back to when things get hectic or stressful or chaotic or distracted. I recommend taking deep, slow breaths with eyes closed periodically throughout to give the words a moment to land. A morning meditation:  … Continue reading A Morning Meditation

Fifty-two Weeks of Wisdom

The Wisdom of Waiting Well

I want to be able to look back on this season, which is going on much longer than I had hoped, and know that I trusted God’s provision and timing, rather than griping about it.


Why Do We Sing? A Reflection on Psalm 105:1-3

Last Sunday, I preached at my church in Seattle. My sermon was part of┬áthe series, “Why We Do What We Do,” in which we’ve been going through every component of our worship service in an effort to gain deeper awareness of the significance of each part. We’ve been exploring why we pray, why we listen… Continue reading Why Do We Sing? A Reflection on Psalm 105:1-3

Fifty-two Weeks of Wisdom

A Wise Person Knows When to Shut Up

Pray O Lord, Open my eyes to see where you would lead me. Awaken my ears that I would hear your voice guiding me. Inspire my mind that I may comprehend your love for me. Soften my heart that I would offer grace to those I meet. Watch my feet that I would tread upon… Continue reading A Wise Person Knows When to Shut Up

Fifty-two Weeks of Wisdom · prayer

“Let’s Pray Now”

“Let’s pray now.” These three little one-syllable words said together in that order are three of the most powerful words in the English language. “I’ll pray for you” has a lot of potential, but we all know how empty those words often are. We mean to pray later, of course. But I wonder how many people actually follow through on such promises.

“Let’s pray now.” Yes, it takes courage. A willingness to “go there” in front of a perfect stranger, facing the risk of praying clumsily or making others feel uncomfortable. But let me tell you this: I have never had someone say, “No thanks.” There is tremendous encouragement bestowed when someone hears us praying for them.